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About the Writer

Hello. I am Deerre'll. I was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. I have always loved learning, and more specifically, writing. I was introduced to Jesus at a very young age. My grandmother, Georgia B. Williams, was a mighty woman of God. Not only did she know God, but she loved God. I remember her answering her home phone by joyfully saying, "Praise the Lord!". I am grateful for her evangelism in my life because this has allowed me to develop my own relationship with God.

As an adolescent, I enjoyed going to church and was involved in youth dance, choir, and attended church regularly. I worked hard to make good decisions that I thought God would be proud of, and to be a good example for my friends. However, I struggled with my identity. I wanted to fit in. I wanted to be popular and be seen as the fun and cool girl. I didn't think I was pretty or enough, and I worked to be validated and accepted.


My identity was under attack by the enemy. When I entered college, I became involved in worldy indulgences. The funner and "cooler" I became, the emptier I became. Everytime something devastating would happen, I would run back to the Father, and He would embrace me with open arms and an open heart. I would do this on and off for years: in Christ and then back into the world. I was a backslider. I was lukewarm. Had I died, I'm not sure that God would have said "well done, good and faitful servant" becausse I wasn't serving Him: I was serving myself and the world.

This year, God used a very hurtful situation to reveal the demonic attack the enemy has been effectuating on my life and on my heavenly assignment. He revealed to me all the ways I have given the enemy permission to be apart of my life, and all the decisions that I made that pushed me away from Him. But more importantly, through this revelation -- He corrected me gracefully, invited me back mercifully, and welcomed me lovingly. He rescued me from the hands of the enemy, and restored me back to my rightful place.

In this season of my life, I believe that God is calling me to use my writings and personal experiences to spread His truth. By sharing my experiences, I hope that God uses me to bring His revelation, freedom, and redemption to the lives of others so that they too can be rescued and rightfully restored.

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